Tony Robbins Reveals How to Achieve Success

Tony Robbins reveals how to get rich at Colossal Insights
Are you doing these things on a daily basis?

Performance guru Tony Robbins recently live-streamed an hour of his Unleash the Power Within event on Facebook in which he outlined the yearly, monthly and daily markers individuals need to meet in order to achieve success.

The markers, in terms of chronology, are as follows:

  • Schedule two events per year in which you’ll learn something new
  • Check in with a mentor on a monthly basis to discuss your progress
  • ‘Prime’ yourself daily

Priming consists of performing a one-minute breathing exercise (such as deep-breathing), expressing gratitude for three minutes, experiencing spiritual connection for 3 minutes (prayer, meditation or affirmations) and finally one minute on visualizing your future success.

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Tony Robbins achieved mainstream fame with his book Awaken The Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Life and now tours the world offering performance-enhancing events.

Robbins also offers private consultation at a rate of US$1 million per year, per client.

Despite his vast success, Robbins states that he still has three mentors who he still looks to for advice.

According to Business Insider, Robbins said of this: “As much as I know how to drive myself, you don’t do brain surgery on yourself, even if you’re a great brain surgeon.”

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Image: Randy Stewart

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