Study Reveals Simple Secret to Learning Positive Habits

how to form a positive habit

A new study has shown drastic success in adding positive habits to a daily routine, put simply; you must add it to your morning ritual.

In the study, researchers had half of the participants complete a 15-minute stretch every morning on waking up and the other half do the same at night before sleeping.

The results showed that the morning test group had the routine down long before the nighttime test group.

Researchers said the morning group won out because the task was “…perceived as less difficult, more satisfying, or more easily cued in the morning than in the evening.”

However, Well+Good posited another explanation, stating that participant cortisol levels, AKA the stress hormone, were typically higher in the morning than at night, meaning the impetus was there in the morning.

“If you decide to start your day with a glass of water, use a cue—a note on the kitchen table you’ll see when you wake up, for example—to remind you at the beginning,” lead author Marion Fournier, a lecturer at the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis in France said, concluding: “After a while, the cue won’t be necessary.”

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