Study: Heavy Alcohol Use Opens Gate for Cocaine Addiction

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It may be stating the obvious to some, yet new research published recently in Science Advances shows that the heavy alcohol use and heavy cocaine usage are commonly intertwined.

In the study, scientists exemplify how having a history of alcohol use increases the chances of cocaine addiction occurring in later life.

Dr. Edmund Griffin Jr. who led the study said: “The mechanism was always a big question of social vs. biological,” with regard to dual addiction.

While some scientists believe the dual addiction depends on whether a potential user socialises with people who use drugs, others think some addicts are genetically predisposed to drug use.

Dr. Griffin added: “In our study, you don’t have those confounding factors.”

In the paper, Griffin and his team clearly show a biological mechanism for how alcohol primes the brain to become addicted to cocaine, according to Inverse.

Using rats in a study, with one focus group under the influence of alcohol and the other not, researchers saw the alcohol influenced test group go for cocaine-laced rewards, even when that meant having an electric shock.

Rat Park Study a ‘Flawed Misconception’

Author: Richard Joy

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