Self-Development Guru Brendan Burchard Reveals Key to Success

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Brendan Burchard is a highly popular motivational speaker and author of five popular self-help books. To mark the release of his latest book, he’s collated the research from over 2 million people to find the shared qualities of high performers.

A high performer himself, Burchard’s path wasn’t always clear-cut and easy.

In true fashion, he’s quick to emphasize the importance of hard work as key, as well as studying the world’s greatest speakers so he could learn from them.

Behind his first major book was Burchard in his childhood bedroom in Montana, typing away on an old sewing table.

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A fairly young voice in the world of personal development, Burchard credits part of his success and drive to an epiphany he had after a car accident in college: “At 19, you’re not really thinking about the habits you have. I wasn’t.

“Maybe your study habits, but not your life habits. It happened for me so young, and it made me say, I need to change my life. How do I do that?”

This moment of clarity helped him carve a path in life that was both meaningful and impactful. It led him down the track of helping and coaching others, and eventually to studying high performers so that he could help others become high performers, too.

Burchard summarises the shared success trait of high performers as having “a ton to do with our social interactions and the influence we do or don’t have with other people.”

He also reveals his own personal mantra to be ‘Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?’ at the end of each day.

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