Russell Brand Opens Up About His Addiction

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Comedian and activist Russell Brand has spoken candidly about his addiction struggles after releasing a new book focusing on recovery.

Brand recently said: “The drug problem, I’m still recovering from it, aren’t I?

“It’s still echoing around in my mad mind.

“Then there’s the old (whistles) problem, the craving, the lust.”

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As well as the launch of his new book, Brand has also launched an addiction recovery based radio show with Harley Street therapist Mark Dempster and Kiss FM founder Tosca Jackson.

Watch a full interview with Harley Street addiction therapist Mark Dempster on how to recover from addiction below:

Brand said of his addiction and recovery: “I have used my life as a sort of greedy experiment, gorging myself on all manner of phenomena.

“There were some brilliant bits, of course there were, some of the bits were really, really brilliant.

“But mostly, what I discovered, nothing has made me feel as good as the kind of connection that I find with people.

“I can be a bit of a self-centred show-off and narcissistic, but when I feel connected to people, when I listen to other people… when I’m of service to other people, I feel a different type of connection that has more value.”

Brand made the comments while appearing on the UK-based Jonathon Ross Show on ITV.

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Author: Richard Joy

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