Russell Brand Advises Katie Price on Sex Addiction

Russell Brand Katie Price Colossal Insights

Comedian and activist Russell Brand has offered advice on tackling sex addiction to Katie Price, aka glamour model Jordan.

Price sought the advice in order to help her husband Kieran who has struggled with sex addiction for the past few years, according to ITV.

Brand advised Price: “You have to [tell your husband to] 100% surrender, you need to 100% accept help.

“[Tell him]…you no longer have the right to be in control of the situation after the way you have treated me and the way you’ve behaved.

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“You need to get yourself away mate, and turn your life around and make some changes. He needs to go.”

Regarding his own experience as an addict in recovery, Brand added: “You have to continually tune in.

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“When you’re an addict they will always return to that behaviour.

“If Kieran’s [Price’s husband] not working towards his recovery, he’s working towards his addiction. Get him away.”

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Author: Richard Joy

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