Research Reveals 5 Rituals to Make You Resilient as a Rock

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The Ladders has compiled 5 rituals from the work of Professor Tim Wilson featured in his work Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious.

A vital element in understanding the rituals is in a clear grasp of personal narrative.

Personal narratives define who we are, and a fundamental part of understanding and changing yourself is being aware of the stories you tell yourself about who and what you are.

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Naturally, with this in mind, you can see how a negative life story breeds a negative self-image.

Further, a positive life story needs maintenance in order to build a healthy self-image.

The 5 Traits

The 5 traits outlined by Professor Wilson are:

1: Remembering that your conscious mind isn’t always accurate

You may interpret certain behaviours and statements not as they actually are. Therefore, it’s safer to maintain your commitment to a higher goal and let the worries of the day fall by the wayside

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2: Remembering your internal storyteller exaggerates

It is a natural reaction to stress for humans to overdramatize. Understand you’re an emotional being and allow the stress space to leave your mind and body

3: Remembering your “psychological immune system”

You may feel very depressed about something in the immediate aftermath, but, with time and effort, your mind will rewrite your story with a happier ending

4: Actively influencing your internal narratives

As explored above, you can accelerate emotional recovery by writing about your problems and defining the narratives that are the best for you

5: Doing good and being good

If you craft a positive internal narrative, be mindful that your actions will follow suit. Just as if you craft a negative one, your actions will follow suit

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