Rapper Warns of ‘Street Skunk’ Psychosis

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UK Grime MC Jammer has spoken of the high levels of young men succumbing to cannabis psychosis through smoking street skunk at a young age. 

Jammer told the BBC: “If you look at the cannabis problem now, you will see a lot of the psychosis is coming from high levels of THC and no CBD.

“This is happening because the weed or skunk or cannabis, whatever you want to call it, is not regulated.

“There’s an underworld that grows things that haven’t been tested properly.

“You wouldn’t go into a shop and just pick up a can of red liquid and drink it if you didn’t know what was in it. That’s where we’re at with cannabis now. We don’t have any control.

“That’s where we’re at with cannabis now. We don’t have any control.”

Despite Jammer pushing for regulation, that still wouldn’t necessarily remove the super strength THC-laced skunk off the streets.

Absolute devastation

Dr Ayesha Sharieff, a London GP, echoed Jammer’s claims, stating she has seen “…absolute devastation in vulnerable families” after heavy skunk usage.

“It’s a very scary situation where the patient doesn’t realize they’re unwell.

“It has huge ramifications for your future as well.”

The ramifications Dr Sharieff refers to include long-term mental illness and a tendency for young men to turn to alcoholism after using cannabis at a young age to manage their symptoms.

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