Opioid Crisis: Study Finds Drug-Assisted Treatment More Effective than Detox

New research in the Annals of Internal Medicine argues that drug-assisted treatment for opioid addiction is more effective, affordable and safe than medically supervised “detoxification”.

The study states that US taxpayers could reap savings of $78,257 per person with the patients themselves standing to secure longer and better lives.

The opioid crisis has become an epidemic of jaw-dropping proportions in America, with around 2.5 million US citizens affected and an average of about 90 fatalities per day.

The study also shows an even more shocking figure: only one in five opioid addicts received treatment of any kind in 2015.

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Further to the above figures, only half of the one in five addicts who actually received treatment got the type of treatment the aforementioned study found most effective.

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Only 1 in 5 people are receiving treatment for opioid addiction, despite it killing up to 90 people per day

In response to the new model of treatment, California’s Society of Addiction Medicine has said that medically managed withdrawal alone should not be considered a viable treatment for opioid use disorder.

California is the worst affected state in the US by the opioid crisis.

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Author: Richard Joy

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