Opioid Crisis: Overdose Fatality Every 19 Minutes in US

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New figures syndicated by CNN show that a person is overdosing every 19 minutes, meaning there are around 25,000 deaths a year attributed to accidental overdose in America.

The findings mean that overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the US.

Furthermore, the number of deaths due to heroin-related drugs (including opioids) has skyrocketed by almost 600%, according to a new report from the US National Institute of Drug Abuse.

The report states that there were 2,089 recorded deaths in 2002, and that has jumped to 13,219 in 2016.

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Colossal Insights recently spoke with Harley St Therapist Mark Dempster about contemporary drug addiction and how to recover.

A CI official said: “Several measures are being suggested to curb the opioid crisis, yet little is being done to address the fundamental causes of addiction.

“Only when we begin to address these can we make meaningful progress.”

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