US Opioid Addiction at Crisis Point

Pennsylvania Physician General Dr Rachel Levine has highlighted an opioid ‘crisis’ during her keynote address for the American Academy of Pain Medicine’s 33rd annual convention entitled “Pain as a Public Health Issue.”

“The opioid epidemic affects every state in the nation, and it is only by sharing experiences and working together that we will end this crisis,” said Dr. Levine.

“Ending the disease of addiction in Pennsylvania and our country is not possible without thoughtful painkiller prescribing. I am grateful to the American Academy of Pain Medicine for the opportunity to speak on this very important topic.”

The administration of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf holds the fight against heroin and prescription opioids as a top priority.

In order to continue the battle against the opioid epidemic in the commonwealth, Governor Wolf included the following proposals in his 2017-18 budget: expanding access to life-saving naloxone; maximizing the federal Cures Act funding, and; providing US$3.4 million to expand specialty drug courts to expand treatment strategies.

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