You, like I, are on a quest in life.

You may have fallen into the deepest of dark hours, been trapped in the squirming torture of craving, panic, despair or addiction, yet all of your torment, transgressions and struggles now provide the fuel with which to set your spirit alight.

We have hit bottom and been blessed to see life as the most precious of opportunities if we are willing to go for it completely.

We are not here for a mediocrity, we cannot live a meaningful life without training ourselves to evolve and grow physically, mentally and emotionally – diving profoundly deep spiritually, and growing into the best version of ourselves.

We know that this venture is no superficial boast for social media or an ephemeral boost fragile egos, but a deep, earthy quest for a personal truth that rings through our whole being.

We have been to hell and learned its language: craving, indiscipline, dishonesty, fear, rage and complaining, ever the victim, not taking action as we were devoured by desires that became dependencies and drove our spirits down into the depths, mangling our minds and poisoning our collective consciousness.

Now we say no more to such ways of living: we seek adversity to grow as men, we push ourselves physically to be in optimum shape, read voraciously and loyally commit to inner wisdom as our guide as we seek to learn our spiritual meaning in existence.

We use reason over reaction, opt for balance over excess, and work to have our minds open enough to know the mind is merely a doorway to greater truth.

We know you must die to be born.


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