Jordan Peterson on the Meaning of Life

In the above video Professor Jordan Peterson outlines his take on the meaning of life, getting emotional in the process. 

Professor Peterson has shot to prominence after refusing to use new gender pronouns in Canada, becoming an enemy of the student body in Toronto.

However, Peterson claimed the forced alteration of language without a rational justification for the change is symptomatic of rising extremism.

Since then, Peterson has built up a large following of young adult men seeking meaning in their lives.

In his lectures, Peterson explores the mythological basis of Western culture and analyzes the political, social and psychological meaning of modern life.

Modern cultural politics often sees men as aggressors and perpetrators of an unjust patriarchy, while Peterson offers an antidote to this line of thinking, believing men need purpose, responsibility and a connection with their tradition to imbue their lives with meaning.

As one commenter beneath the above video puts it, “it feels in an indirect way he actually cares about us.”

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