Hip-Hop Group Release Addiction Documentary

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Hip-hop group Sekkond Hand – made up of Jamie Haage aka Av Murphy, Spliftout and Bliz Balboa – have released a new documentary in which they open up regarding battles with cancer and addiction.

Jamie Haage, an underground hip-hop artist, reveals the struggles he faced during many stages of his life.

Influenced by hip-hop culture, Murphy began writing graffiti, DJ’ing and eventually studying the craft of becoming an MC.

Murphy talks about his transition from selling pills to abusing them to addiction, to his diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, to his turning point in life: his third open heart surgery in 2015 as a direct result of drug use.

You can view the documentary here

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Author: Richard Joy

My mission is to get you to conquer fear, grow spiritually and build out physically, spiritually and emotionally, emanating strength, grit and determination. Having been lost myself, witnessing men around me die in addiction and pain, I have walked the path of spiritual discipline, inner truth and learned from men of wisdom in the spirit of humility and love.

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