From Drug Addict to Ironman

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Todd Crandell has completed over 25 ironman endurance races, as well as two ultramans after recovering from a heavy drug and alcohol addiction at the age of 26, according to CNN.

Crandell, who is now 50, began over a decade of addictive drug and alcohol behaviour in his early teens, yet after a third DUI charge, finally hit bottom and turned his life around.

“Every single day, the first thought in my mind was ‘How much of this drug and alcohol abuse is it gonna take to kill me?'” Crandell said.

As well as attending recovery meetings, Crandall became besotted with exercise, and the combination acted as a springboard for his recovery.

“The first thing I did in my sobriety was go back to the one thing that was good in my life and that was exercise,” he said.

“Not only was my body improving, but my mind, my spirit and my emotions were getting better as well. And that’s what led me to start running and doing ironmans.”

As well as competing in ironman races, Todd Crandell is now a professional clinical counsellor and also runs the non-profit Racing for Recovery.

Crandell said: “I’m helping other addicts to show them what can be done when you’re not doing drugs.

“The greatest gift you can ever have is to simply give what has been given to you and have it help someone else.

“That’s worth a million dollars to me.”

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