Dying to be Born: With the Death of Addiction comes the Birth of Sobriety

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In the eye of the storm of addiction is the window of opportunity. 

An infinite number of roads can lead to the state of utter despair.

Whether it’s the frenzied shaking of a nervous system in terrifying hyper-drive, a beer battered brain escaping its confines and plunging its host into desperate wild confusion, teetering over the edge into a fiery abyss, or when existential crisis entraps one’s entire being into an icy, desolate reality of unbearable magnitude; within all is a pain of such depth, it is clear it is the end of the road.

Many unfortunate souls perish at this juncture – some by the severity of the symptoms, others by their own hand.

It is true in this hellish state we are being given a clear signal that something must die, the subtext to this however, that is all too often missed in the haze of madness when nuance is incomprehensible, is that herein lays a profound opportunity for rebirth.

The Darkest Hour Comes Before the Dawn

In reflection, many in recovery begin to see that the darkest hour really was just before the dawn.

The state of utter loss of oneself is harrowing in the instance, yet it is in this state those that are servants to substances are unwittingly casting aside their chains by acknowledging that they cannot go on as they were.

The ego has been shattered. The ego, the driver of external gratification, has been consumed by a storm of its own making.

Immediately panic ensues: the one last thing that could be relied on – the ego – has gone and the addict knows no way of continuing life without this structure and the external coordinates it clings to.

The Eye of the Storm

Confusion abounds all around, yet in this state there is clarity, an inner stillness around the concept of recovery. It no longer seems such an alien concept in the pain of immediate withdrawal.

The importance of seizing this opportunity quickly cannot be overstated. Opportunities for recovery are fleeting, and before too long a consumption to use, to return to a familiar state (even if it’s extremely painful) will consume the mind and body.

It is in the desperate state an addict can do something contrary to rigidly held beliefs: ask for help.

This is a simple task superficially, yet a giant spiritual and psychic shift in the life of an individual.

Asking for help is akin to stating ‘I don’t know what to do anymore, I need guidance, the way I am living is leading to my destruction.’

From this point recovery can begin: One has to die to be born.

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Author: Richard Joy

My mission is to get you to conquer fear, grow spiritually and build out physically, spiritually and emotionally, emanating strength, grit and determination. Having been lost myself, witnessing men around me die in addiction and pain, I have walked the path of spiritual discipline, inner truth and learned from men of wisdom in the spirit of humility and love.

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