Cop to Addicts: ‘Find Help or Get Lost’

MARK DEMPTER Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic

A UK cop has caused an online shitstorm after tweeting he is ‘fed up’ with addicts and believes they should ‘use help, sort it, or get lost’.

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Sgt Harry Tangye ended his now deleted tweet with the hashtag #toomuchempathy.

colossal insights too much empathy for addiction

The armed response officer’s police unit said it “strongly disagreed” with the tweet.

Sgt Tangye told the BBC: “Some [addicts] are quite criminal and create merry hell and they are destroying a lot of towns and cities.

“They should accept help but some are feeding on other victims and creating other victims around them.

“I am a very ‘people person’ but I see the same names time and time again destroying areas.”

Despite the mainly negative feedback, one worker with the Narcotics Anonymous Helpline said:

“I was one of those troublemakers.

“Most drug addicts are in denial and for years I did not think I had a problem.

“It was only when my family stopped enabling me, stopped putting a roof over my head, that I accepted responsibility that it was my problem and I did something about it.

“So I agree with everything he says.”

Watch a video below in which noted UK therapist Mark Dempster and recovering addict Mark Dempster explains the reason behind the ‘once an addict, always an addict’ adage:

Author: Richard Joy

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