Colossal Insights Interview: #1 Mark Dempster

Watch the first of Colossal Insights interviews that aim to bring you the most powerful insights on addiction recovery, masculine purpose and spiritual development in the world.

This interview is with UK-based leading addiction expert, ex-drug smuggler and recovering addict Mark Dempster.

In the interview, Mark shares his amazing story of addiction and recovery, going from the tough streets of Glasgow to drug-smuggling in India, to a junkie in London.

He explains how he recovered from a brutal addictive spiral which killed many of his friends.

Mark also explains how suffering addicts can get out of the mess, covers the importance of spiritual awakening in recovery and articulates how pornography is becoming a major issue of concern for young men worldwide.

The interview is conducted by Richard Joy of Colossal Insights.

You can review Mark’s autobiography below:

Author: Richard Joy

My mission is to get you to conquer fear, grow spiritually and build out physically, spiritually and emotionally, emanating strength, grit and determination. Having been lost myself, witnessing men around me die in addiction and pain, I have walked the path of spiritual discipline, inner truth and learned from men of wisdom in the spirit of humility and love.

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