Chester Bennington and the Male Suicide Crisis

Linkin Park singer commits suicide by hanging, Colossal Insights reviews young male suicide issue
Chester Bennington (left) of rock band Linkin Park. Image: Stefan Brending/2eight

I got the news of the death of frontman of Linkin Park Chester Bennington late last night and was saddened by the news, yet not shocked. 

Only a few days prior I’d written a piece containing suicide figures for North America.

These results show suicide as the second biggest killer of young men in the US, and the situation in my country, the UK, is hardly better.

Having had family and friends commit suicide, it has become somewhat expected when issues such as mental health and addiction are at play.

One thing I’ve noticed after the extreme outpouring of sadness that occurs after suicide, is that this soon replaced by a hardy resistance to tragedy.

Life in the post Millennium is ostensibly the best we’ve ever had it, yet for those struggling with illness, and in the case of Chester Bennington, addiction, our defence against losing people to this trend is extraordinarily weak.

As life goes on with its intoxicating movies, convenience culture and air of normality, there are thousands slipping away behind the scenes.

How long we are prepared to abide with this tragedy of young male suicide is up to us, yet it needn’t last forever.

Having my own close brush with suicide in the grips of addiction was my inspiration to found this site.

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In the wake of another tragic loss of life, this time a hero to millions, it is worth remembering that many other young men will lose their lives today in the same way.

It is the mission of Colossal Insights to inject young men with a sense of passion, purpose and responsibility for life, something that I never knew existed in my darkest days.

Further, the stigma of mental health is lifting, and no man need fear judgement if he has to speak about addiction or his mental state.

Those affected by mental health issues or addiction are not alone.

Men who I can respect in one way or another such as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Leonard Cohen, Tyson Fury and Frank Bruno have all spoken candidly about addiction and/or mental health issues, so make sure you do too.

For those seeking help, contact:

UK Samaritans – 116 123

US National Suicide Prevention Line – 1800 273 8255

India AASRA – 91 22 275 466 69

All of those seeking addiction help are advised to contact their local 12-step helpline and visit a local group

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