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The US continues to be in the grip of an opioid addiction crisis

Jessica Hulsey Nickel, President of the US Addiction Policy Forum has released a simple, direct 4-minute explainer video, entitled “What is Addiction?”.

The video aims to illustrate the opioid epidemic the US faces, the brain science of addiction, and tells how to take action.

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Nickel, who was one of the first witnesses to testify in front of both the White House Christie Commission and Director Francis Collins’s new Opioid Initiative at NIH, said that addiction has quadrupled in America over the past two decades.

Using a hijacker metaphor, she said that “the video demonstrates how repeated substance use can overpower the brain’s hard-wiring, causing drug seeking behavior and changes in primary motivations – exceeding the need for food, sex, and even caring for your children, as the video shows.”
The video also shows how substance use disorder “changes the survival hard-wiring deep within the brain.”
However, Nickel said: “There is hope. Addiction is preventable and treatable. The video provides important information on what works in prevention, treatment and recovery. People can get better. We need to treat addiction like the medical issue it is.”
Watch the video below:

Author: Richard Joy

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