Watch: 5 Tips to Stop Drinking (and STAY Stopped!)

The above video offers you 5 simple and deeply effective interrelating tips to stop drinking alcohol and stay stopped. 

Having tried to stop drinking hundreds of times, I hope to give you an extra push with these tried and tested tips.

Each tip interrelates and creates a model to inspire a paradigm shift around your drinking.

If you are an alcoholic/addict, the above advice should ideally be worked alongside a solid programme of 12-step recovery and/or therapy.

For the casual/heavy drinker that needs to stop, I hope you get something deeply long lasting from the video.

Author: Richard Joy

My mission is to get you to conquer fear, grow spiritually and build out physically, spiritually and emotionally, emanating strength, grit and determination. Having been lost myself, witnessing men around me die in addiction and pain, I have walked the path of spiritual discipline, inner truth and learned from men of wisdom in the spirit of humility and love.

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